Uterine Faberge Ovum

Uterine Faberge Ovum is a wearable sculpture intended to house the zygote of a Mogwai or alternatively the zygote of Cecropian species during the gestation period. The Uterine Faberge Ovum is kept at human body temperature by being inserted into the surrogate vagina or rectum for the entirety of gestation. It is outfitted with an RFID chip in order to track humidity levels to insure that the zygote doesn’t get too moist, which is especially important for the prenatal development of Mogwai. Both Mogwai and Cercropian newborns are blind for several weeks after being born, so the Uterine Faberge Ovum is emblazoned with braille instructions on the inside and outside of the shell on how to live one’s life.


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